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Sibling relationship is the best of all relationship. It stands, supports, showers love and always ensures to see you happy even irritates and fights with you most of the times. What keeps the relationship growing is the adjustments and apologies. Ask for a heart whelming apology to your brother for any mistake you have made using these "Sorry brother" images, pictures and quotes.

    Yes, I was noisy and loud, my bad. Please forgive me. I am sorry.

    I know saying sorry wouldn't be enough but I will say it a thousand times to make you aware that I am feeling guilty.

    You can be as mad as you want. I accept that it was my fault. Sorry.

    Sorry; I wasn't strong enough and let you down.

    I know I was rude... did not mean to hurt you. Sorry... Please talk to me.

    Sorry; couldn't stay with you in your hour of need.

    Here are the best sorry quotes and messages on the greetings and wallpapers for you to convince your brother after a fight or misunderstanding. These e-cards and images are designed considering the unconditional love between the siblings and brother.

    Sweetest apologies are not explained in words But felt by the heart Forgive me.

    Take your time. Don't worry; I'll wait forever if that's what it'll take for you to forgive me.

    I apologise not because I am wrong but because I value our relationship more than my ego.

    I may have been wrong but if I don't do this. I'll never be right. I apologize..

    I won't say a word. The sweetest apologies are never said with the mouth but felt in the heart. I am sorry.

    I want to say but know not ... how Intent was not to hurt you. Sorry.

    My actions hurt your feelings Sorry from the core Would never again be thoughtless Would never be so sore.

    I understand that my action pained you. I'll work on it. Sorry!

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